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Metabolism and Metabolomics: Disease Models and Model Organisms

36th Summer Symposium (2017)

The 2017 Penn State Summer Symposium in Molecular Biology is titled Metabolism and Metabolomics: Disease Models and Model Organisms. The symposium will assemble prominent researchers interested in metabolism and leading investigators using and developing technology for analysis of metabolomes. Esteemed investigators will communicate the latest findings in diverse areas of metabolic biology including energetics, obesity, aging, effects of metabolic perturbations in cancer and other disease, as well as neural control of metabolism. Investigators renowned for their contributions to technology development for analysis of metabolomes and metabolic flux will also present. The 2017 Symposium will bring together top names in the field, and will thereby provide access to some outstanding lectures.  The Symposium is open to members of the academic, biomedical, and pharmaceutical communities.




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