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2017 Program

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Wednesday, May 10

11:15 - 12:15


Life Sciences Bldg Lobby



Welcome and Announcements

Berg  Auditorium


 Opening Session



12:30 - 1:30

Engineering the Environment of the Gut for the Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Keynote Speaker Gary Wu - University of Pennsylvania

Berg Auditorium



Session 1:  Microbiome and Host Interactions

  1:30 - 2:10
Microbial Regulation of Host Physiology - Insights from the Zebrafish

John Rawls - Duke University School of Medicine

 Berg Auditorium

2:10 - 2:50

Rational Design of Gut Microbiota - Medicated Bile Acids to Restore Colonization Resistance against C. difficile

Casey Theriot - North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine

Berg Auditorium

2:50 - 3:15

Morphometric Computational Phenomics as an Anchor for Biomedicine

Keith Cheng - Penn State

 Berg Auditorium

3:15 - 3:30

Coffee break with light refreshments

Life Science Lobby

3:30 - 4:10

Metabolism and Microbiomes: Metabolic Models Meet Experimental Data in Insect-Microbial Symbiosis

Angela Douglas - Cornell University

Berg Auditorium


4:10 - 4:35

Sexual Metabolism in the Malaria Parasite Plasmodiium falciparum

Erik Allman - Penn State

Berg Auditorium


4:35 - 5:15

Metabolomics as a Molecular Tool to Understand the Mechanism of Nitrogen Use Efficiency and Interactions with the Soil Microbiome in Energy Sorghum

Jessica Prenni - Colorado State University

Berg Auditorium

   6:00 - 8:30
 Reception and Poster Session
 Gateway Bridge

Thursday,   May 11

8:00 - 8:30

Morning Refreshments

Life Science Lobby


Session 2:  Metabolism and Medicine



8:30 - 9:10

Intestinal Epithelial Cell Receptor Signaling Modulates Metabolic Disease

Frank Gonzalez - National Cancer Institutes, National Institutes of Health

Berg Auditorium

9:10 - 9:50

 Identifying the Roles of Microbial Metabolites in Colon Cancer

Caroline Johnson - Yale University

Berg Auditorium

9:50 - 10:15

Tackling the Overbearing Burden of Muscle Atrophy: Insights from Hibernation

Gustavo Nader - Penn State

Berg Auditorium


Coffee break with light refreshments

Life Science Lobby


Epimetabolites: Metabolism Beyond Building and Burning

Oliver Fiehn - U.C. Davis

 Berg Auditorium


Lipidomic and Metabolomic Investigation of the Post Cardiac Arrest Syndrome

Dayajan Wijesinghe - Virginia Commonwealth University

Berg Auditorium



Novel Tools to Facilitate Transactional Medicine Research; Application to a Lipidomic Investigation of the Effects of a Gastric Bypass to Rat Liver and Pancreatic Tissue

John Shockcor - Imperial College London

Berg Auditorium


  "Meet the Speakers" Luncheon

Alumni Hall HUB-Robeson Center


Session 3:  Metabolism, Diet and Aging



The Neurobiology of Body Fat Control: Lessons from C.elegans

Supriya Srinivasan - The Scripps Institute

Berg Auditorium


Do These Genes Make Me Look Fat?: Genotype-by-diet Interactions Underlying Metabolomics Syndrome in Drosophila

Laura Reed - University of Alabama

Berg Auditorium


Choose the Diets Carefully: Using Purified Diets to Study Metabolic Disease in Rodent Models

Michael Pellizzon - Research Diets, Inc.

Berg Auditorium


Coffee break with light refreshments

Life Science Lobby

  4:00-4:40 Metabolomics as a Bridge Between Genotype and Phenotype

Daniel Promislow - University of Washington

 Berg Auditorium
Autophagy, mTOR and Insulin Signaling in Drosophila

Thomas Neufeld - University of Minnesota

 Berg Auditorium
  5:20-5:45 Genetically Encoding Tools for Manipulation of Metabolism in Living Cells

Denis Titov - Massachusetts Memorial Hospital

 Berg Auditorium
  5:45-6:10 Infection Mediated Metabolic Disease in a Dragonfly

Ruud Schilder - Penn State

 Berg Auditorium
   7:00  Symposium Banquet
 Nittany Lion Inn

Friday,        May 12

8:00 - 8:30

Morning Refreshemtns

Life Science Lobby



Session 4: Metabolomics and Model Systems



Uncovering the "Dark Matter" of the Chemistry of Life

Frank Schroeder - Cornell University

Berg Auditorium


Data Integration Strategies in C. elegans

Arthur Edison - University of Georgia

Berg Auditorium


Eukaryotic de novo NAD+ Biosynthesis from Tryptophan in the Absence of a QPRTase Homolog

Melanie McReynolds - Penn State

Berg Auditorium

High-Throughput Metabolomics Identifies Taxon-and Habitat-Specific Metabolites in Corals

San Vohsen - Penn State

Berg Auditorium
  10:40-11:00  Coffee break with light refreshments
Life Science Lobby

Closing Session


Resolvins in Inflammation Resolution: Metabololipidomics in Human Diseases and Model Organisms

Keynote Speaker Charles Serhan - Harvard Medical School and School of Dental Medicine
Berg Auditorium

Closing Remarks