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Petra Fromme

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Petra Fromme

Director and Professor,
Biodesign Center for Applied Structural Discovery
Arizona State University

 Petra Fromme

Dr. Fromme received her masters at the Free University in Berlin in Biochemistry (1985) and then received her doctorate in Chemistry at the Technical University in Berlin (1988) where she then became a professor in 1992.  During this time she developed and pursued her fascination with understanding the function of membrane proteins by investigating and determining their atomic structures.  In 2002, Dr. Fromme joined Arizona State University as a professor of Chemistry and Biochemsitry where she has worked with distinguished colleagues from around the world to pioneer a new technique for imaging proteins using extraordinarily powerful x-ray lasers that has the capability to make movies of these fascinating proteins in action.

Berlin, Germany

Research Area:
Dr. Fromme uses ultrafast x-ray laser pulses to take pictures of nature’s molecular machines called proteins to understand how they work. Many of these proteins are involved in disease and useful for solar energy conversion, so her discoveries will help us to design better drugs and clean energy systems for a brighter future.

Career Highlight:
Dr. Fromme determined the atomic structure of the largest protein to date called Photosystem I, which is responsible for capturing and storing solar energy in plants and algae.

Fun Fact:
Dr. Fromme plays the viola in the Tempe Symphony Orchestra and Scottsdale Philharmonic.


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