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Anastasia Manesis

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Anastasia ManesisAnastasia Manesis

Anastasia (Tasha) grew up on the Jersey shore before attending college at Northeastern University in Boston, MA, where she obtained a B.S in Biochemistry and a B.A in Asian Studies with a minor in Chinese language. While at Northeastern, she worked for a United States defense company, QinetiQ North America, working on the design and construction of enzyme-embedded electrospun fabrics capable of the decontamination of biological and chemical warfare agents. She then moved to a position at GlaxoSmithKline working as an assistant organic chemist where she helped with the construction of small molecule DNA-encoded libraries for screening against drug compounds. 

In Fall of 2013, she started her Ph.D work in Biochemistry at Ohio State University, joining the lab of Dr. Hannah Shafaat in Spring of 2014. Her work focuses on understanding nickel metalloenzymes relevant to the regulation of global gas cycles and building a model system to help characterize critical nickel intermediates found in those nickel enzymes.